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Our journey to living plant-based
It all began in 2012...

one of my teenage daughters came home declaring she was going vegan. My first response: “That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard and you are going to die of malnutrition and protein deficiency!” I figured I would just let her go along with this “fad”.

I was concerned and worried about the long term effects of not eating meat and dairy, so I decided to do a little research to prove just how unhealthy my daughter’s choices were, but what I found was quite the opposite. Not only can you thrive on a plant-based vegan diet, science has proven that a plant-based diet is the only diet known to prevent and reverse disease. It also happens to be the most sustainable way to live. As a family we watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives. I immediately changed my entire perception of health, diet, my family, and what I put on their plates. After learning about the detrimental health effects that consuming animal causes to our health, I decided not to bring any more animal or animal products into my home. With my family alongside me, we discovered the healthiest, most affordable, and most delicious way to obtain optimum health and wellness was by adopting a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. (WFPB!)